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IdentityForce UltraSecure + Credit Review

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PROS / IdentityForce uses its ID Analytics engine to search for potentially stolen personal information online. It also provides an identity health score that works similarly to a credit score but rates how risky you are when it comes to sharing personal information.

CONS / This identity theft protection service doesn't monitor driver's license numbers.

 VERDICT / IdentityForce's decades of experience working with citizens and government and commercial agencies enables it to provide excellent service, which it backs up with $1 million ID theft insurance.

"Editor's note: The provider has informed us that IdentityForce does in fact offer driver's license protection. We will fully evaluate and reflect this additional information when we next update the Identity Theft Protection Services Review site."

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IdentityForce monitors your personal information, protects your identity from potential threats and provides you with an ID health score to help you see how you can avoid identity fraud. This identity theft protection service assists everyone from individual consumers to the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. Furthermore, it's been in business since 1978. IdentityForce is so confident in its ability to protect your identity that it offers identity theft insurance. Instead of paying for your losses only if the company is at fault, IdentityForce will pay up to $1 million to cover your losses regardless of fault. IdentityForce is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner because it provides such exceptional service.


IdentityForce searches for your personal information in public records, online chat rooms and websites that traffic illegal information. This fraud prevention service uses an advanced ID analytics engine to search for potentially stolen data. If IdentityForce discovers any potential identity fraud, it notifies you within seconds. It can also send fraud alerts to your credit card company. If you lose your wallet, this service helps you cancel each card and replace lost IDs.

This identity theft prevention company also helps you protect your identity on your own. One way is by providing an identity health score that works similarly to a credit score. It rates how you use and share your personal information on a scale from safe to risky. You can use this information to make yourself less of a target for identity fraud.

Recovery Assistance

Even with constant monitoring, there's always a chance some clever thief will get a hold of your information. In the case of identity theft, the service connects you to a certified identity theft risk specialist to help resolve the fraud and restore your identity. This will help save time you would otherwise spend making phone calls, filling out paperwork and doing all of the legwork to restore your identity.

Furthermore, IdentityForce provides ID theft insurance of $1 million to cover losses of income, refiling fees for loans or other applications denied due to identity theft, and wages lost while dealing with these issues.

Information Protected

IdentityForce protects a wide range of vulnerable information sources, including bank accounts, credit card accounts, public records, insurance records, mailing addresses and more. From finances to medical insurance and criminal records, this identity protection service has you covered. The only thing it doesn't monitor is your driver's license number.

This service also provides a list of sex offenders in your area. You can use this list to ensure no one has fraudulently registered under your address and discover if there are offenders in your neighborhood.

Additional Features

Since children are more susceptible to identity theft than adults, this service lets you add your kids to your plan for a small additional fee. It also keeps you apprised of credit reports for everyone on your plan.

IdentityForce offers mail list removal services to get you off those unsolicited offers for credit cards and car insurance. These are not only irritating but can also be a danger to your identity. Thieves can pull these from your trash or recycling bin and apply for credit cards in your name. It also provides you with a complimentary suite of computer security programs to help prevent identity theft online.

Help & Support

IdentityForce has excellent customer support, including a helpful live chat service. Representatives are available 24/7 to answer your questions and offer help if you get an alert or suspect your identity is in danger. In addition, the website has FAQs covering the firm's products as well as a library of informational articles on how to protect your identity. The site also has a selection of free identity protection resources, such as an identity theft risk quiz and an identity restoration toolkit.


IdentityForce provides excellent identity theft protection. Monitoring your identity in everything from public records to criminal records and credit history, this company ensures that threats to your identity are uncovered and handled quickly. In cases of actual ID theft, this service takes care of you with a dedicated representative to help repair the damage and loss compensation of up to $1 million.

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