Identity Theft Protection Services: LifeLock Command Center

By Allen Glines

With the new LifeLock Command Center plan from LifeLock, keeping your identity secure has become easier than ever. The original plan gave you seven well-rounded features that were capable of getting the job done by themselves. That wasn’t good enough for LifeLock though. They wanted to expand their offerings to continue to cement their reputation as arguably the top identity theft protection service in the industry. As a result of these efforts, they came up with their superb LifeLock Command Center plan, which nearly doubles their feature set from seven to 13. You might think that these additional features would be useless and only serve the purpose of inflating the price of their new plan, but that’s not the case here. These new features give you more flexibility when it comes to keeping your identity safe.

The LifeLock Command Center plan includes everything that you would find with the normal plan. The illegal selling or trading of your personal information will be stopped with eRecon. TrueAddress stops fraudulent address information from wreaking havoc on your identity. The LifeLock Identity Alert System will alert you via postal mail, email or phone when someone tries to sign up for credit or services using your personal information. LifeLock can also help you reduce the amount of pre-approved credit offers you receive, which helps against bad guys getting into your mail and taking advantage of these offers. If you have any questions at any point during the day, you can access the myLifeLock member portal or send a question to one of the LifeLock Member Service Representatives.

The $1 million total service guarantee brings helpful hands into the situation if the bad guys find a way to get through LifeLock’s seemingly impenetrable wall. If you lose your wallet, one of LifeLock’s WalletLock specialists can help you with the intimidating task of canceling and replacing the lost contents of your wallet. When you see a list of features that tremendous, you might think it stops there. A plan with those options couldn’t possibly be affordable. Think again. The LifeLock Command Center plan gives you these stellar options and then some for only $5 more per month.

While the LifeLock Identity Alert System is excellent, it only alerts you when someone signs up for credit or services. LifeLock Personal Breach Detection Services scour the Internet and peer-to-peer file sharing services to make sure your personal information isn’t being distributed to the masses. People often leave their personal information exposed when they use peer-to-peer file sharing. It’s hard to get it back once it has gone to one other person. The number of people that have their hands on your personal data multiplies the longer it’s out there. It’s better to stop the threat before it decides to spread to the masses.

LifeLock Identity SDS (Search, Detect, Secure) service goes into uncharted territory for identity theft protection services. Credit is a big part of identity theft, but there are other areas where your important personal information is just as vulnerable. Payday loans have become more popular in recent years because of how easy it is to get one of them. But the fact they are so easy to get is a definite problem. Criminals don’t want the high interest rates and compounding debt that come with one of these loans on their record, so they have resorted to stealing other people’s identities to get these loans. Luckily, you will be notified long before one of these loans can damage you via the LifeLock Identity SDS Reports and Alerts system.

Other types of criminals besides thieves have gotten into the identity theft game as well. Sex offenders don’t want people to know where they live because they either want to convict additional crimes or they would rather stay away from the scrutiny that comes with being on the sex offender registry. They could care less if they drag your reputation through the mud for possibly housing a convicted sex offender. As long as they can go undetected, they will do whatever they have to do. Some people can also use your identity to commit crimes using your name and date of birth. The last thing you would want is to be arrested for a crime you didn’t commit from a state you’ve never been to. The LifeLock Identity SDS Reports and Alerts system alerts you if either of these things happen with your identity.

Sometimes criminals are brazen enough to attach their name to certain pieces of your identity or find a way to change information in your public record. The LifeLock Command Center plan provides you with reports on postal addresses and alternate names associated with your identity. If you don’t have time to look at these reports, you will receive alerts when there are changes in either of these bits of information. It’s one thing to steal a person’s identity and commit additional crimes with it; it’s another to assume a person’s identity and force them out of their own life. You would be surprised how common this type of identity theft these days. When someone takes over your identity, it’s a lot more costly to fix the problem than it would be if they had stolen some money or made a few transactions. This area of the LifeLock Identity SDS Reports and Alerts system is arguably the most important.

As you can see, LifeLock left no stone unturned when they came up with their LifeLock Command Center plan. If you were to consider the drastic improvements their service underwent with the implementation of this plan, it wouldn’t be surprising if they came out with a higher, more powerful plan than what they have now. Until then, we’re left to enjoy the stellar protection the LifeLock Command Center plan puts at our fingertips. For the price, it’s hard to beat the value of this plan. While similar plans from their competitors will end up costing you a fortune, the LifeLock Command Center plan is worth every penny.

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